Case Study: High dollar cultivation starts with Donorbase

A large nonprofit that invests in students and college education in an effort to transform lives needed a new response acquisition model targeting high gift donors. DonorBase worked closely with Jack Doyle at Amergent on this project. Amergent created the package and strategy to target the right donors. Donor stewardship paid off in a big way when the nonprofit organization was notified that a $500,000 DAF grant is on the way to set up a scholarship fund!

This donor made a first gift of $1,000 last fall from a Fidelity Charitable giving account, in response to a direct mail acquisition package that spanned a 3-month campaign of 3 packages.

This donor was attributed to the DonorBase Response model created to target above average gifts. Once this new donor’s $1,000 grant was received, the nonprofit’s stewardship practices began; a major gift officer was notified, and cultivation activities were initiated.

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