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We specialize in donor prospecting for acquisition, reactivating lapsed donors, and optimizing the performance of your marketing efforts.

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What is your goal?
How do you need to optimize your acquisition effort?
We Recommend: Lifetime Value Model

Using your historic mail, response, and giving history, we model the prospects most likely to return superior value to your organization over the course of time.

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We Recommend: Incremental Growth Models

Our Incremental Growth Models leverage recency, frequency, and monetary value to provide an effective balance between response and gift

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We Recommend: Custom Response Model

Custom models are built using your past mail and response data and are extremely reliable in finding your best DonorBase prospects.

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What element of your house file are you focusing on?
We Recommend: Custom Ask String (Value)

When you aren't sure what gift amount will get the best response from your donors, our Custom Ask String Optimization leverages the power of predictive modeling to identify the most effective "ask" amount based on previous giving history, transactional, demographic and lifestyle data.

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We Recommend: Universal Scoring

Our Universal Scoring product will take names acquired through events, petitions, or even your current lapsed donor file so you can mail only those most likely to support your organization’s mission.

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Are you looking for a print or digital reactivation solution?
We Recommend: Lapsed Donor Re-activation

Using our proprietary re-activation models, choose only your lapsed donors identified as most likely to respond to an additional ask or have your entire lapsed donor file scored in order of response priority!

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We Recommend: Digital Services

Leverage 71 million individual DonorBase donors representing $56 billion in charitable giving, plus comprehensive nationwide coverage of issue and cause-based prospects, to fuel your successful digital outreach.

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DonorBase is...

We are a cooperative donor database exclusively for nonprofits and fundraisers. We are entirely focused on the success of your campaigns and achieving your goals. Whether you’re looking to increase response rates, find prospects uniquely matched with your cause, or extend your acquisition efforts online, we listen to your unique challenge and work with you to build a solution that delivers results.

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We're passionate about your success, so let us help you get more out of your fundraising. Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you find solutions. We tailor our services to your needs and will design a donor prospecting plan to help you raise more money for your cause.

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What our Clients are Saying

  • Brainstorming with DonorBase allows me the opportunity to provide solutions for my clients in an ever changing environment. Whether it’s creating new models or presenting new package strategies there are many avenues to explore.
    Heather Maylander, Managing Director Lake Group Media, Inc.
  • We have a strong relationship with the Donorbase team. We rely on a couple core models for our bigger mailers and continually test new custom approaches — often with great success. They hear our ideas and work closely with us to integrate new product offerings into our client’s strategy.
    John Graves, Principal Eidolon Communications

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