Frequently Asked Questions


The most frequently asked questions of DonorBase®. If you don't see the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us at anytime.


Can I really reach the most new donors?
Yes, DonorBase® combines millions of donor transactions to offer a single source of comprehensive marketing depth.  National mailers have the unsurpassed ability to reach brand-new donors and Regional mailers are able to find strong quantities of responsive donor prospects directly within their territory.

Can I really mail smarter?
Yes, selecting more productive prospects from one source eliminates the need for redundant list rentals and associated service bureau costs, providing a clear path for efficient mailings.

Can I really lower my Cost-Per-Donor Acquisition Cost?
Yes, using DonorBase® to share and leverage large-scale tools and processes (profiling, benchmarking, vast merge/purge, donor suppression, prior order omissions) improves response and helps you acquire more new donors with less mail, yielding the best value for each of your marketing dollars.

Can I really keep donors for life?
Absolutely!  By reaching prospects with a proven capacity to vibrantly support organizations they believe in, DonorBase® helps you find loyal new donors for your mission.

I am a current member of another consortium prospecting database. Why should I join DonorBase®?

Because using multiple consortium databases offers several advantages, organizations familiar with database marketing use several simultaneously. The benefits of participating in DonorBase® in this manner include: