1 Byram Brook Place
Armonk, NY 10504
Fax: 914-925-2499

Contact Information


Please direct all inquires to:

Bruce Demaree
Phone: 914-925-2439 or e-mail Mr. Demaree

Allison Hoshia
Vice President, Client Services
Phone: 914-925-2470 or e-mail Ms. Hoshia


Sherene Kelly
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Phone: 914-925-2410 or e-mail Ms. Kelly


Debbie Larsen
Vice President, Sales
Phone: 914-925-2419 or e-mail Ms. Larsen


Marissa Messinger
Senior Data Analyst
Phone: 914-925-2467 or e-mail Ms. Messinger


Jim Piry
Database Manager
Phone: 914-925-2436 or e-mail Mr. Piry


Bryan Terpstra
Vice President, Client Services
Phone: 914-925-2408 or e-mail Mr. Terpstra


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