DonorBase® Analytic Reporting


In order to assist with your prospect selection, we evaluate the donor records sent to DonorBase and produce a "Profile Report" indicating the demographic and lifestyle matches occurring against the general U.S. population as well as the dedicated donor and sector data represented within DonorBase.

Standard DonorBase® reporting, offering comparative demographics and donor profiling, is provided free of charge.  We produce this report in order to ensure we are targeting the correct new prospects together through DonorBase, while the insights it provides may also be of impact to other aspects of your marketing.

Customized DonorBase® Analytic Reports detailing greater levels of comparative data insight (such as cross-over giving, demographic performance, share of wallet, and unique donor analysis and evaluation) are also available.


In the category views, all of the Sample Organization's transactions are removed so as to not bias the data. As expected, the highest crossover category in Number of Donors, is with the International category. As we typically see with this category, the Average Gift is very high. In a 5 year aggregate, we found the Sample Organization holds a average gift of $30.79, which Is $2.56 higher than what the International Category Is receiving from these same donors.

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