About DonorBase®


What is DonorBase®?
DonorBase® is a cooperative prospecting database devoted exclusively for nonprofits and fundraisers. DonorBase® identifies responsive direct mail donor prospects for acquisition campaigns, re-activates lapsed donors, and offers advanced data services and reporting to our members.

Members participate by sharing their donor information within a secure marketing database. Each DonorBase® member is able to use the combined database to extract new prospects and reactivate old donors for their direct mail campaigns.

Being a DonorBase® member immediately provides you with fundamental marketing advantages:

Selective Advantage:
DonorBase® selects only the most effective prospects for a member’s direct mail campaign. Selection factors include type of campaign, type of offer, RFM of donor activities, and information gleaned through the profiling process or custom regression modeling, offering members both intelligent tests and aggressive roll-outs.


Our proprietary models are based on “best of breed” methods which prioritize the superior analytic technique (i.e., logistic regression, linear regression, decision tree, statistical network, clustering, and/or multi-model techniques) to be used in building the model’s algorithm. We also leverage sector models and straight (profile) selection -- the choice of technique is driven by each client’s specific goals.

Value Advantage:
Members share and leverage the most effective tools and processes (profiling, vast merge/purge, donor suppression, order omit) on a large scale, yielding the best value for marketing dollars spent.

DonorBase® incorporates proprietary data to aid with the accurate selection of high-lifetime-value prospects, donors according to political affinity, and other important selection attributes.  DonorBase® is also overlaid with multiple nationally compiled consumer data files to allow for donor selection by gender, age, income, and a wide variety of demographic, ethnic, religious, and lifestyle attributes.

Insight Advantage:
DonorBase® offers standardized and custom reporting that help organizations deeply understand who their donors are and how they compare to other nonprofit organizations.  Reports can include comparative demographics, donor profiling, cross-over giving, share of wallet, lapsed versus active, and unique versus multi donor analysis -- among others!

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