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Reach Donors You Never Have Before

DonorBase® is a cooperative prospecting database devoted exclusively to nonprofits and fundraisers.


We identify responsive direct mail donor prospects for acquisition campaigns, re-activate lapsed donors, and offer advanced data services and reporting to our members.


Learn More About How DonorBase® Works

Profile Prospective Donors


DonorBase® provides each member with valuable Profile and Benchmark reports evaluating the demographic, lifestyle, and transactional characteristics of your historic donor.


Review of these detailed reports enables you to identify which DonorBase® prospects are best suited for your acquisition campaigns.

Our Services Include


  • Custom Regression Modeling
  • DonorBase® Analytic Reporting
  • Straight Select (Profile) Segmentation
  • Lapsed Donor Re-activation
  • Cross-Member List Services
  • Ask String Optimization
  • Merge Optimization

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